vineri, 11 martie 2011

Jurnal ( part. 12 )

I heard a story once, about a guy and a girl; that girl couldn`t see his feelings for her.
Or maybe she doesn`t care about it, then.

He`s missing her every day, and kept her in his mind, moment by moment.

But she was bored, and didn`t want him anymore.

Maybe the words of another stranger on the street, hugging someone else, mattered.

She couldn`t see the person who truly loves her; the person who should really matter.

Strangers were more important to her.

She wanted someone else to make her happy; and she chose another guy.

After a while, she realized how much she was wrong.

And the guy told me that no matter how much she cries now, it`s too late; he can`t forgive her.
It hurt him then; and still hurts him.
He told her that from now on, she can choose whoever she wants.

And now she has them all

Because life is beautiful, and she must have fun !
It was ironic.

Sometimes you have to let people, to realize where they make mistakes; hoping that they do.

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